Sea Turtle Internships


The Bald Head Island Conservancy

Summer Intern Program

                 Please Note: 
                 Application     line for the 2005 summer program is 
                 February 28, 2005. 

                 The Bald Head Island Conservancy Research Assistantships/Summer 
                 Intern Program is open to rising juniors or seniors from any 
                 accredited college or university, with majors in biology, 
                 marine biology, environmental science, or a related course of 
                 study. Due to student visa restrictions, only full-time 
                 international students may be considered.

                 Bald Head Island is part of a 12,000-acre island complex 
                 located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River in 
                 southeastern North Carolina, and consists of three 
                 forested peninsulas interconnected by a continuous beach 
                 strand: Bluff, Middle and Bald Head Islands. Bald Head 
                 Island features an upscale residential community of 
                 approximately 850 homes, with approximately 200 permanent 
                 year-round residents The southern tip of the complex is 
                 Cape Fear, and includes ten miles of ocean beach. The 
                 island is accessible by a private passenger ferry from 
                 Southport, NC. 


                 Funding for these internships is provided by Bald Head 
                 Island Conservancy, Inc. (the Conservancy), a non-profit 
                 organization formed in 1983. The Conservancy’s mission is 
                 three-fold: conserving the natural resources of the Smith 
                 Island Complex and surrounding waters; providing quality 
                 environmental education for island residents and visitors; 
                 facilitating scientific research of benefit to the 
                 environmental resources of the area. As a part of this 
                 mission, the Conservancy operates a nationally recognized 
                 Sea Turtle Protection Program, and is the only 
                 non-governmental agency in North Carolina allowed to 
                 conduct flipper and PIT- tagging of sea turtles. In 2003 
                 and 2004, a collaborative project to attach satellite 
                 transmitters to eight nesting female sea turtles was 
                 initiated, and this project will likely be continued in 
                 the 2005 nesting season. 

                 Interns of 2004
                 Anya, Greg, Melissa (Naturalist), Karen, Clark, Maureen 
                 (Environmental Education Coordinator), Lori, Stan, Tim, Caitlin. 


                 Because of the Conservancy’s long-standing commitment to 
                 this conservation program, Bald Head Island is used by 
                 U.S. Fish and Wildlife as an index beach for sea turtle 
                 nesting activity. The summer interns selected for this 
                 program are important keys to the success of this 
                 critical conservation/research program. 


                 In addition, the Conservancy provides diverse educational 
                 programs and activities for the island community, and 
                 serves as an environmental monitor for the island 
                 ecosystem. The summer interns are also involved in these 
                 diverse activities. Within a campus-like setting located 
                 at the east end of the island, the Conservancy’s 
                 facilities include a modern four bedroom “dorm” (used to 
                 house the naturalist, summer interns, and visiting 
                 researchers), an administrative office, an education 
                 center, and the gift/book/toy/ apparel store Turtle 
                 Central – which underwrites much of the Conservancy’s 
                 operation. In addition, the Conservancy owns a 21 acre 
                 nature preserve on Middle Island, and employs a permanent 
                 staff of six.

                 Under a collaborative relationship with the Karen Beasley 
                 Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Topsail 
                 Beach, N.C., all Conservancy interns spend one week during 
                 their summer tenure working at the sea turtle hospital. 
                 For those with specific interests in sea turtle biology, 
                 this is an extremely valuable and rewarding hands-on 


                 While on Bald Head Island, the work of the six summer interns 
                 is supervised by the Conservancy's Island Naturalist, who is 
                 normally a graduate student in marine biology. As the primary 
                 researcher of the Bald Head Island Conservancy, the 
                 naturalist is responsible for the implementation and 
                 coordination of its research programs. In addition to 
                 supervising the summer interns and the Sea Turtle Protection 
                 Program, the naturalist’s duties also include collaborating 
                 with Conservancy staff to coordinate and provide needed 
                 resources and leadership for other environmental programs and 


                 The interns perform their duties on the island at the 
                 direction of the Conservancy’s Executive Director and 
                 Island Naturalist. Day-to-day supervision and 
                 coordination of the interns shall be the 
                 responsibility of the Island Naturalist. The Executive 
                 Director is the chief executive officer of the 
                 Conservancy, and has overall responsibility for 
                 management and day-to-day operation of the organization.
                 Interns receiving summer research assistantships must 
                 assume the following responsibilities: 

                 • Conduct nightly (9 PM - 6 AM) beach patrols via all 
                   terrain vehicles in order to intercept nesting sea 
                   turtles, as a part of the Sea Turtle Protection Program. 

                 • Assist as needed with the Conservancy’s various 
                   educational and research projects. 

                 • Promote and practice stewardship of the Conservancy’s 
                   facilities, properties, and research equipment. 

                 • Conduct field trips or educational programs for 
                   nature-related group, and assist in facilitation of 
                   research projects by visiting scientists as directed 
                   by the island naturalist. 

                 • Participate as needed in special events of the Conservancy 
                   during his/her tenure on the island. 

                 • Live in the Conservancy’s dormitory (a modern and well 
                   appointed four bedroom residence located near East 
                   Beach on Bald Head) during their service period, 
                   generally mid-May through mid-August. 

                 • Understand and agree to the documents Procedures for 
                   Naturalist and Intern Program, and Dormitory Regulations 
                   and Advice prepared by the Conservancy. 

                 SELECTION PROCESS:
                 A selection advisory committee is composed of the 
                 Conservancy’s President, Executive Director, and 
                 Naturalist. The current Naturalist is responsible 
                 for announcing the availability of summer 
                 assistantships, receiving applications, 
                 interviewing candidates, scoring and ranking 
                 applications in accordance with the Application 
                 Protocol for Research Assistantships - Bald Head 
                 Island Conservancy. If the Naturalist will not be 
                 returning for the subsequent year, the Executive 
                 Director will appoint a staff member to assume 
                 these duties. 

                 SELECTION CRITERIA:
                 Selection criteria for the research assistantships is as follows: 
                 • Outstanding undergraduate (rising junior or senior) student at an institution of higher learning 
                 • Candidates for the assistantships will be judged on: 
                    Research and academic potential 
                    Character and leadership 

                 Public relations and communication skills: 

                    outgoing and helpful personality; maturity and leadership 
                    abilities; the ability to handle sensitive situations in 
                    a tactful and diplomatic manner. 
                    An expressed interest or background in conducting biological 
                    research, and a willingness to work in a field environment 
                    that can be physically challenging. 
                 The term of the research assistantships is for a period 
                 of three months: from mid-May to mid-August, 2005, 
                 subject to undergraduate academic schedules. This 
                 provides for a training period of approximately two 
                 weeks prior to the start of actual research and/or 
                 educational duties by the interns on the island. The 
                 research assistants serve at the will of the Conservancy, 
                 and the positions may be terminated by the Conservancy at 
                 any time, for any just cause. 

                 The stipend to be paid for each recipient of the Bald Head 
                 Island Conservancy Research Assistantship shall be $1,200 
                 per summer, paid semi-monthly. In addition to the stipend, 
                 each intern is provided living quarters in the Conservancy 
                 dorm, weekly ferry tickets for trips between the island and 
                 the mainland, and parking for a vehicle at the mainland 
                 ferry terminal. 


                 The research assistants’ in-service performance shall be 
                 assessed by the Island Naturalist and the Executive 
                 Director, and shall be forwarded to appropriate academic 

                 APPLICATION     Line:

                 The     line to receive applications for 2005 summer 
                 internships is February 28th, 2005. Follow 
                 application directions very carefully, as incomplete 
                 applications will not be considered. Click on the 
                 link below to download an application. 

                 Completed applications must be submitted with requested 
                 information by mail - Absolutely NO applications via 
                 email will be considered!

                 Bald Head Island Conservancy, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity, 
                 Affirmative Action employer. Women and minorities are 
                 encouraged to apply. 


Summer Internship Application


Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Internships Exciting learning opportunities are available to college students and some high school graduates interested in a career in marine science. All internships provide hands-on learning and a realistic look at daily life in a marine facility. Interns work with biologists, trainers, and other professionals to develop a deeper understanding of the requirements, responsibilities, and benefits of a career in the marine science field. *Sea turtle patrol


Explorations In Travel Inc. Application form Sea Turtle Conservation in Mexico Located on the Caribbean coast of the state of Quintana, on the Caribbean beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula. Duties include protecting and tagging females, collecting data, marking nests, relocating eggs when necessary to more favorable locations on the beach, and releasing hatchlings to the sea. The data collected are used to determine turtle hatching success, behavior, distribution, and abundance. Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica Located near Tamarindo on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, province of Guanacaste.Volunteers assist the project staff in: Patrolling the beach to protect nesting turtles from natural predators and poachers (Volunteers are not expected to interact with poachers. The presence of patrollers is typically enough to stop poaching) Relocating eggs to safe locations when necessary Monitoring nests Collecting research information on turtles and nesting behavior Tagging turtles with computer monitoring chips Volunteers work 6 to 8 hour shifts. SeaTurtle Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica-2 Located on the easternmost beach on the Caribbean coast. Volunteers assist the project staff in: Patrolling the beach to protect nesting turtles from predators and poachers (volunteers are not expected to interact with poachers, the presence of patrollers is typically enough to stop poaching) Relocating eggs to safe locations Collecting research information on nesting behavior Monitoring nests and the hatchery. SeaTurtle Contact Info: John Lee 2458 River Road Guilford, VT 05301 Phone: 802-257-0152 Fax: 802-257-2784 E-Mail: Migratory Bird Sanctuary Work Description: Working with biologists at a migratory bird sanctuary and sea turtle nesting area. Tasks vary seasonally and include assisting with investigations of bird and fish populations, monitoring nesting of sea turtles, teaching English to local guides, guiding tours for visiting eco-tourists.


RiverHead Foundation for Marine Research & Preservation New York State Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Stranding Program Internship page Internship Application Application Process: 1. Submit a resume and completely fill out the application. Applicants must receive college credit to participate in this program. 2. Include three letters of reference from a professor or employer on the appropriate letterhead. Personal references will not be accepted. 3. Schedule an interview. 4. Applicants are encouraged to contact the school to determine school requirements & obtain approval. 5. Fax to (631) 369-9826 or mail to: The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research & Preservation 428 East Main Street Riverhead, NY 11901 Attention: Internship Program


Topsail Turtle Project Internships TO APPLY SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING: A brief letter including: *Name *Permanent Address *School address *Phone number *email address *Name of School *Length of Internship desired and; *Dates available. A brief essay: State why you are seeking an internship at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center; and what your expectations are of the experience. Two letters of recommendation: One from a professor or teacher, One from a community leader (i.e. scout ,church, civic). Mail your completed application to: Jean Beasley, Executive Director Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center PO Box 3012 Topsail Beach, NC 28445


Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Sea Turtle Internship Company or Recruiter: Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge Position Type: School Year Internship Intern Paid: Yes Intern Type: Undergraduate REFUGE INTERNSHIPS (Sea Turtle Patrol/Visitor Services) available at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge mid-March - July 2005. Those selected will spend approximately 60% of their time assisting with the South Texas Sea Turtle Project and 40% of their time assisting with the Visitor Services program at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. Duties may include but not be limited to: conducting daytime patrols to detect nesting of Kemp's ridley and other sea turtle species on South Padre Island using all-terrain vehicles (ATVs); assisting with relocation of sea turtle nests; assisting with release of sea turtle hatchlings; documenting and retrieving live and stranded sea turtles; operating the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center; developing and/or presenting interpretive or educational programs and materials to the public; entering data and/or creating documents and other materials using Word, Excel, Access, or other computer software; conducting sales of Refuge passes and bookstore items; providing information and assistance to Refuge visitors; and engaging in positive public outreach. Work conditions can involve high temperatures and humidity as well as intense sunlight in remote areas. Interns will serve full time (work days may exceed 8 hours) and will receive a stipend of $15/work day and free housing. Housing will be located at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, just 18 miles from the vacation destination of South Padre Island, and will include shared sleeping quarters with no more than 2 persons per room and communal kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities. No pets are allowed. A dependable vehicle and a driver's license are required. It is possible (but unlikely) that some interns will be required to use their personal vehicle for commuting to beaches that are patrolled. Sorry, but we can only accept applications from U.S. citizens. Applicants should specify "Sea turtle patrol" when sending a resume with the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of 3 references (preferably previous supervisors) to: Jody Mays, e-mail: Fax to: (956)748-3609. mail to: 22817 Ocelot Road; Los Fresnos, TX 78566; Phone: (956)748-3607.


Volusia County, Florida - Sea Turtle Internship

Volusia County, Florida - Sea Turtle Internship Job Opportunity Submitted: Friday, January 14, 2005 Contact: Ms. Corey Accardo WWW Link: Period: May 1 through September 30 (or possibly October 31), 2005 Location: Volusia County, Florida (Dayton Beach area) Background Information: There are two position openings for two motivated individuals to serve as interns for the 2005 Sea Turtle Nesting Season. You will be working with a field biologist, a volunteer monitoring group, county employees, and have lots of interaction with the public. Duties: FIELD WORK • Conduct early morning surveys and data collection of Volusia County beaches (looking for evidence of overnight turtle hatchings, disorientations, nesting behaviors, predation, etc.) • Collect (using County Trimble GPS units) latitude/longitude points at all nest sites. • Collect soil temperature data and download onto computer periodically. • Excavate hatched nests and record needed data. • Assist with beach maintenance by ensuring there are no obstacles to hatchling movement to the ocean and maintaining conservation zone boundary poles. DATA ENTRY • Learn and use Access, Excel, and Pathfinder Office to document various types of sea turtle nesting data and other field information. EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH • Distribute sea turtle newsletters and brochures to the public, beachfront hotels, and other coastal businesses. • Give educational presentations about sea turtle biology and habitat conservation to local schools and summer programs. • Attend various sea turtle workshops. Requirements: Able to work in extreme environmental beach conditions. Timely and prepared for early morning work. Positive attitude and computer skills. Experience with a Trimble GPS unit, Access, Excel, and Pathfinder databases is desired but not required. Valid Driver's license a must. Volusia Co. is also a free employer there will be a screen before hire. Benefits/Costs: This is an hourly paid position that will be up to 40 hours per week at $8.50/hr, or in exchange for college credits. Room/board and benefits will NOT be provided. Additional Contact Information: Interested individuals should send a resume and cover letter to: Volusia County Environmental Management 440 Beach Street Daytona Beach, FL 32114 Attn: Ms. Corey Accardo Please also submit a county application, you can get one online at Please use the printable application and mail it with your resume to the above address. line for all applications is March 15, 2005.